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 Case Study 1 - 23-year-old male who was previously health until 4 days prior to his hospital admission
 Case Study 2 - Patient diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
 Case Study 3 - 70-year-old male with chronic pain in his wrist, knees, and ankle
 Case Study 4 - 53-year-old female diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 
 Case Study 5 - 62-year-old female with Scleroderma
 Case Study 6 - 39-year-old female with insomnia
 Case Study 7 - 78-year-old female with insomnia
 Case Study 8 - 21-year-old female with chronic groin injuries
 Case Study 9 - 19-year-old male with chronic shoulder pain
 Case Study 10 - 16-year-old female with shoulder pain