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Case Study 1 
The patient is a 23-year-old white male who was previously healthy until 4 days prior to his hospital admission when he developed left sided numbness in the arm and leg and within 1-2 hours, this was accompanied by dizziness and dysarthria.  Symptoms then progressed to dense hemiplegia, drooling, dysphagia and worsened dysarthria.
He was seen by neurology and infectious disease, given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, treated with pulse dose solumedrol at one gram daily for five days then sent home.  He completed two or three inpatient physical therapy visits followed by one occupational therapy treatment and one physical therapy treatment as an outpatient.  Although his dysarthria (joint pain) improved, his hemiplegia (one side paralysis) remained and he had difficulty walking with poor balance, and was unable to drive or work.
Due to lack of significant improvement with usual physical therapy, he was referred to advanced Vibrotherapy.
After 6 weeks or 18 sessions of Vibrotherapy, the lesion decreased in size significantly, consistent with resolving demyelinating process and diminished/resolved edema.After 32  treatment sessions with Vibrotherapy alone, the hemiplegia of the arm and leg resolved completely without residual, balance on his previously impaired side is the best it has been even pre-morbid and he is back to driving and working  at his job.
This case report demonstratesthat Vibrotherapy using a Vibrotrainer ™ resolved the severe physical disabilities in a young patient with Multiple Sclerosis, including hemiplegia, motor dysfunction, poor balance and weakness. This occurred without any other intervention or therapy and was achieved in a brief period.
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